LLC OLIS has launched the oats processing plant for the Kazakhstan enterprise LLP Mibeko - news by the press center OLIS

LLC OLIS has launched the oats processing plant for the Kazakhstan enterprise LLP Mibeko

LLC OLIS, the leading Ukrainian producer of the grain processing equipment, has commissioned the complete oats processing plant for LLP Mibeko (the Kostanay Region, the Republic of Kazakhstan). The press service of LLC OLIS has reported about it.

«In September, 2020 we have completed installation and commissioned the oats processing plant capable of processing of up to 60 t/day of grain transformed into the grit and capable of producing up to 32 t/day of flakes. In this plant, the line of flakes is universal and allows to make flakes both from oats, and from other grit crops, such as buckwheat, wheat, barley, rye, etc.”, – noted Vladimir Cheglatonev, the commercial director of LLC OLIS.

According to him, the Company’s specialists have developed the technology part of the plant project and manufactured and delivered the set of the processing, transport and aspiration equipment. Despite the installation was carried out at a rather difficult time, when entry into the Republic of Kazakhstan was prohibited due to the quarantine restrictions, we managed to install the equipment and deploy a plant automation system on-line owing to the well-coordinated work of specialists from LLP Mibeko and LLC OLIS. In addition, it took only several days to perform the start-up and commissioning of the plant with reaching its planned performance. This once again confirms the OLIS LLC’s highest level of engineering.

«Our company was engaged in crop production and production of flour and grain. In 2019, we have decided to expand our production and deliver the plant on processing of oats in grain and flakes, thereby having provided the population of the Kostanay Region with quality products. For the implementation of the project, we selected the Ukrainian company “OLIS”, which is considered one of the leading manufacturers, both in technical and technological terms, in the post-Soviet space. All the work was done with high quality, and the launch of the plant took just a few days“, – reported Mirzokhalim Kadyrov, the Director of Mibeko LLP.

Mibeko LLP is a dynamically developing industrial organization, which is focused on the production of flour and cereals. In particular, the Company produces the wheat flour, the grain pea, the finely ground barley, as well as the wheat, pearl-barley and millet grits and the polished lentil. Products of the Company are sold both in domestic market and exported to Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and other countries of the world.

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