Grain cleaning is an important and labor-intensive process of processing grain crops, therefore it is worth taking a responsible approach to the choice of grain cleaning equipment. “LUCH” ZSO separators are universal sour-cleaning machines produced by OLIS LLC, designed for cleaning and processing grain to a high quality standard. This grain cleaning equipmentis used for operations such as preliminary cleaning, secondary cleaning, sorting and sizing of grains, legumes and cereals. Grain cleaning machines are easy to use; they are designed in such a way that you can control the entire cleaning progress and the operation of all separator components. Grain cleaning machines of the “LUCH” ZSO model range are characterized by low electrical consumption, thanks to which they can be operated around the clock for a long period, cleaning from 25 to 300 tons of grain per hour. Grain cleaning machines, developed by OLIS specialists, are designed for both large agricultural enterprises and small farmers. The “LUCH” ZSO separator provides effective cleaning, since it is designed in such a way that first the grain is cleaned from light impurities thanks to the operation of the built-in air separator, and then from small and large impurities in a drum-type sieve separator.Grain cleaning machines branded by LLC “OLIS” effectively clean grain and are easy to maintain. Purchasing “LUCH” ZSO separators will help to significantly improve the quality of grain and recoup costs in the shortest possible time!