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Aggregate universal groat mill “OPTIMATIK-K-07”

OPTIMATIK-K-07 is designed for processing of wheat, barley, peas, corn and millet grain into groats to produce wheat, barley, pearl, pea, corn and millet groats.

Aggregate universal groat mill “OPTIMATIK-K-15”

The design and equipment of the OPTIMATIK-K-15 universal grits mill ensures the yield and quality of grits not lower than the requirements of the current standards, which allows to confidently meet the requirements of the modern market.

Grain drum separator “Luch” ZSO

Grain cleaning separator “Luch” ZSO is designed for cleaning grain of agricultural crops from large, small and light impurities at mechanised currents, elevators, ZAVA and other grain processing facilities.

Scalperator SKO

Scalperator SKO is designed for pre-cleaning – removal of coarse impurities and debris from grain.

Used on elevators and currents.

Removing stone sampler OMP

Stone collectors OMP produced by LLC “OLIS” are used for effective separation of mineral impurities from the grain flow at grain processing enterprises.

Grain separator PSO

Sieve separators PSO for sorting and cleaning of grain crops from impurities differing from grain by geometric dimensions and aerodynamic properties.

Cereal enrichment unit UOK-2

The unit of cereal enrichment UOK-2 is designed for purification of grain products from hard-to-separate impurities.

Pneumatic sorting table SPS-1.0, SPS-3.5

It is used for cleaning seeds of grain legumes, cereals, oilseeds and cereal crops from hard-to-separate impurities differing from the main grain by shape, surface properties, specific weight.

Grain separator “HORIZONT-K”

The separator allows the following operations: pre-cleaning, primary cleaning, secondary cleaning (sorting, calibration).

Trier-doll collector TCC

The TTSK doll’s crop cleaner is designed for cleaning the grain of the main crop from short doll’s crop impurities. It is also used for sorting the cleaned grain by length.