We continue to inform you about a series of launches and adjustments of equipment for cleaning grain crops manufactured by OLIS LLC, the main specialization of which is the production of high-tech grain processing and grain cleaning equipment.

Our specialists carried out a setup of ‘LUCH ZSO-200’ grain separators in Khmelnitsky region. This machine is designed for preliminary and primary purification, calibration and sorting of all types of grain crops. Productivity when preliminary cleaning is up to 200 t per hour, when primary cleaning (of wheat) – up to 150 t per hour. The separator is installed in assembly with VSN-160 air separator which has 200-tons-per-hour capacity, as well as with a ventilator and air ducts.

Start-up and adjustment works carried out by OLIS manufacturing company is a complex of works including checking, adjusting and testing the equipment in order to ensure all the necessary parameters and modes specified by the project.

For grain cleaning equipment, please call:

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