OLIS took part in the conference "No-till Laboratory"

The OLIS company took part in the “No-till Laboratory” conference

On November 8, the OLIS company took part in the “No-till Laboratory” conference, organized by Mykhailo Draganchuk – a farmer who has been working with No-till technology since 2006 and teaches it to other farmers.

The participation of our company in the conference is very important for its participants. After all, the No-till technology, in addition to everything else, requires the use of homogeneous and maximally pure seeds, which can be obtained with the help of grain cleaning equipment of the OLIS company.


Flat screen and drum separators, as well as a pneumatic sorting table, provide optimal results when cleaning seeds from various types of impurities and calibrating them by size and specific weight.

Thus, the correct selection of equipment allows agricultural producers and seed companies to achieve 99.9% seed purity.

Also during the conference, we presented the laboratory diffuser OLISLAB 1100 (universal, three-section), a modernized version of the diffuser RLU-1.