Our service has installed equipment for grain cleaning at the enterprise “Shchedra Zemlya” in Poltava region. Specialists of the plant mounted and launched separator model “Luch ZSO-75”. The capacity of this separator on preliminary cleaning is 75 tonnes/hour, on primary cleaning – 50 tonnes/hour.

The given model of separator of drum type allows quickly and qualitatively to clean grain from:

  • inert objects (dust, stones, fragments of earth, straw, leaves, plant residues),
  • weed seeds,
  • seeds of other crops,
  • Damaged or diseased grains.

The separator “LUCH ZSO-75” has 4 sections of sieve drum, the drum diameter is 900 mm. Also the separator sorts and calibrates grain and seeds.

Also, our service department selects the necessary sieves depending on the crop to be cleaned or calibrated.