Launch of PSO-100 and PSO-3.5 in Kyiv region - OLIS News

Launch of PSO-100 and PSO-3.5 in Kyiv region

Recently, the OLIS company successfully installed and put into operation the PSO-100 air-sieve separator and the SPS-3.5 pneumatic sorting table at one of the seed complexes of the Kyiv region.

This is a set of equipment for the preparation of seed material, which allows you to effectively remove various impurities from the grain according to geometric and aerodynamic parameters, as well as to sort and calibrate seeds according to size, specific weight and surface properties. Thanks to this configuration, the complex can bring the quality and purity of the seeds to optimal levels.

Thus, this construction of the seed finishing process will improve the quality of the seed material, increase the germination and yield, reduce the risks of infection by diseases and pests, and also reduce the costs of fertilizers and pesticides.

OLIS is a leading company in the field of grain cleaning equipment, which offers its customers high-quality equipment for grain cleaning, sorting, and calibration.