How to create the most favourable conditions for grain cleaning and processing with minimum costs and high quality of cleaned material output? Choosing the right grain separator ensures efficient use of resources, ease of operation and high cleaning results.

It’s no secret that “OLIS” specialises in the manufacture of separators LUCH-ZSO that clean even wet and heavily clogged grain. In November 2016, in Romania in Judez Tulcea on the territory of S.C. ADAM AGRORENT S.R.L., our specialists installed a grain separator LUCH-ZSO-75, which works in the operating line for soya processing at this enterprise. Drum separator Luch ZSO-75 is used not only for cleaning soya, but also for other crops: wheat, corn, sunflower. The company also uses universal laboratory sifter RLU-1 produced by “OLIS” to determine grain contamination, weed and grain impurities, as well as to determine the coarseness and content of fine grain.

Also at S.C. ADAM AGRORENT S.R.L., a scientific and practical conference on soya processing was held. The conference was attended by representatives of Romanian companies, companies from Bulgaria, interested in soya processing. Also in this event took part representatives of the company engaged in the production of equipment for this area from Ukraine, in particular, with his report was made by Vladimir Cheglatonev, commercial director of the company “OLIS”, presenting not only equipment for soybean processing, but also the entire range of equipment “OLIS”. The participants received detailed information about equipment, systems and technologies for grain cleaning, grain processing into flour and cereals, learnt about laboratory equipment for determining the quality of grain products manufactured by “OLIS“.

The video on the occasion of the conference is attached: