The company OLIS invites you to visit our stand at the XXVIII International Agro-Industrial Exhibition “AGRO-2016”.
The exhibition is rightfully considered one of the largest in Eastern Europe; it is the most important national event in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. Traditionally, the exhibition pavilions of the National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” will accommodate representatives of leading agricultural companies of Ukraine and the world, namely Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Slovakia, United States of America, Czech Republic, France

  The exhibition will feature: grain separator LUCHZSO200, grain separator HORIZONK-16  laboratory

Equipment produced by “OLIS”. And also the company’s specialists will demonstrate Krupoceha OPTIMATIC-K-15 in the process of processing barley grain into barley groats.

Exhibition date: 08 – June 11, 2016

Venue: Expocenter of Ukraine, 1 Academician Glushkov Avenue, Kiev.

If you would like to clarify the details of the event and make an appointment at the exhibition, please contact us:

+38 067 485 19 95,+38 067 899 47 97,+38 067 511 29 99< /p>

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Comeandvisit ourstand!!!

We will be glad to see you among our guests!